Pot Limit Omaha - Get online omaha poker bonus and rules


The hottest game on internet poker sites around the world is Pot Limit Omaha (PLO). The reasons that players love the game so much are many and include fast growing pots, crazy action and perhaps most endearing to solid poker players, lack of knowledge on good strategy. PLOPoker.com provides players with information on the best sites, top bonus offers and profitable strategies for PLO Poker.

PLO is a game similar in some respects to Texas Hold'em but oh so different in other ways. The most obvious difference is that you are dealt four hole cards in PLO. You must use two of them, along with three of the community cards, to create your best five card hand. The hand rankings are the same as in hold'em, except that hands that might be very strong in hold'em, such as a pair of Aces, are quite weak in Omaha. The temptation to play every hand is what dooms so many novice PLO players. After all, with four hole cards they see opportunities where good players only find trouble!

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Pot Limit Omaha History

Pot Limit Omaha is not a new game by any means, although it has not been around nearly as long as the more popular (by the general public) Texas Hold'em. Modern Omaha poker has been played in some form since the 1970's and became mainstream in Las Vegas casinos in the early 1980's. Online players really began taking to the game much more recently. It is possible that the popularity of Omaha as of late was bloomed by the enormous high-stakes games, which are played on sites such as Full Tilt Poker. Pot Limit Omaha has produced the largest pot ever online of more than $1.3 million, and at any given time, a search of the largest online pots will likely include mostly hands played on the PLO tables.

PLO Action

The action while playing PLO Poker can approach insanity levels and perhaps the main difference between a solid PLO player and a poor one is having the patience and discipline to only play strong hands. Omaha is often called a "game of the nuts" because of the big hands that it creates. It is very common to see set-over-set, straight-over-straight and flush-over-flush in PLO. Being on the wrong side is just part of the ebb and flow of Omaha variance. However, the swings can be reduced somewhat by playing hands accordingly - knowing that it will likely take a very good hand to win and that drawing to anything other than the nuts can be a disaster. Our PLO Strategy section can get you started in the right direction.

Best Pot Limit Omaha Sites

As popular as the game has become, not all sites are a haven for PLO players. Very large sites like PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Titan Poker and Party Poker are all great choices. However, some of the smaller sites can produce great games as well. Sites such as Carbon Poker, Bodog, and Cake Poker have some great games. While you will not get the huge volume of players as some of the larger sites, you will make up for that with just plain bad players. Sure there are a few good players on these sites, but they are easy to spot and don't worry, the poor players will make themselves known by splashing pots with, well, let's say less than stellar holdings.

If you have yet to try Pot Limit Omaha, it really is a lot of fun and a great change-up from Texas Hold'em and other games. Be sure to read some of the articles on our Pot Limit Omaha strategy section to give yourself a good base and do not be afraid to play down a couple levels from your usual stakes until you get a good feel for the game. Just be warned, once you get into the game, you may never want to play hold'em again.

Other Poker Games

Beside of Popt Limit Omaha there are literally dozen other poker games like for example Texas Holdem, 7 Card Stud or Badugi. If you want to learn more about different poker games please check out our poker training site at OnlinePokerAcademy.com where you will find plenty of free articles, tips and strategy.